Candle as a tool of Magick

Select four candles in colours representing the four elements. Try using red for Fire, brown for Earth, blue for Water and white for Air. Anoint the candles with oil. Decide on your goal or request and which candle is best for represents the need. (ie money, business, material objects, grounding matters would be Earth. Matters of sex, breaking habits, purification, protection, strength would be Fire. Matters of love, psychic awareness, healing, friendships, beauty, spirituality, meditation would be Water. Matters of movement, travel, communication, teachings would be Air.)

Place three candles in a triangle and put the assigned candle in the centre.

Meditate on your desire as you light all four candles. Visualize the outcome, concentrating carefully on that which you wish to happen. Let all candles burn go out by themselves.

For best results, do this candle burning during the hour of the day that will aide you and during the correct Moon phases. The Waning Moon is good for banishing, the Waxing will help things grow.

Above all use extreme care when doing ANY form of Magick that entails the use of Fire. © 2005-2020 | All rights reserved |